Happy Christmas! Sprouts anyone?

Christmas Tree watercolour effect

You may have noticed I’ve been a bit quieter than usual. I’ve been travelling, but later today, I’ll be setting off home for Christmas.

I’ve never flown at this time of the year and am wondering whether we can expect more fun than usual on the journey, or mild chaos. In retrospect the timing of our great value flights does seem a little – well – rash. I’m naturally optimistic (hence the ‘mild chaos’) but I wouldn’t be too surprised to see emotions rise if there are any delays. 

I’m trying to remind myself that it won’t really matter if some of us spend Christmas Day in an airport, provided everyone is safe and there is love in our hearts. I promise I’ll try to live this one out stoically over the next day or so if the need arises!

As one of my blogging friends TJ reminded me through his flash fiction, Christmas is a time for missing and remembering too. If we’re lucky enough to spend time over the holiday season with friendly faces, let’s appreciate it, Brussels sprouts and all.

We can’t all like Brussels sprouts, but if someone has been kind enough to cook them for us, it probably won’t kill us to eat two or three of these edible buds with a smile – even if they are looking rather mushy. If only love was always as simple as eating an overcooked Brussels sprout! I kind of understand if you can claim to have a genuine Brussels sprouts phobia, but for everyone else, just remember, the nastier the sprout and the less you like sprouts in general, the more credit you can have from me for enjoying it because it’s Christmas.

Before I go: A confession About the picture

I’d love to claim the Christmas tree is mine, but it belongs to our friends Rick and Shirley.

I applied a Photoshop filter to the Christmas picture at the top, but you might find it surprising that the original, uncropped shot looks as impressionistic as it does. The lighting evidently proved too much of a challenge for the combined skills of my iPhone, a glass of wine and me!

I accidentally cut the fairy off at the top and you can just make out Shirley’s knee in the bottom left of the original photograph. Despite this, my sweetheart prefers the original so I thought I’d include it for any readers who valiantly make it down here at this busy time of the year. (Thank you for that!)

My imperfect picture is a reminder that Christmas doesn’t have to be perfect to have its own special kind of magic. Really. And if I sound more inarticulate and breathless than usual – I’ve not packed yet!

Christmas Tree picture

With love and hugs and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing,




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