Doctor Who in New Orleans

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In eager anticipation of the Doctor Who Christmas Day Special, I’m sharing pictures of the Tardis window I saw on a New Orleans balcony last month. The sign reads ‘I’m Thankful For Regeneration’: it took me a moment to get it! If you’ve never visited this brave city, which has such a colourful, resilient spirit combined with an unusual ability to celebrate, put it on your ‘to do’ list.

Gardeners will love the architecture as well as the planting schemes of the historic homes in the Garden District: the ricketiness of the roads will make you grateful for your own, almost where ever you live. And check out Magazine Street when you’re there.

Season’s greetings to everyone in the WordPress community, especially those of you who have been kind enough to read some of my blog posts, add your own comments or follow me and to those who have inspired me through their own blogs. I really appreciate you all!

Lots of love – Susan x

World Traveller? Me too!

Shack Up Inn, Mississippi DeltaI’ve had the chance to travel quite widely on business, so my experiences have gone well beyond what I might have expected as a child growing up in a Lancashire valley.

The recent scenes from Hong Kong took me back to my time in that remarkable city. I began to realise how the hotels I’ve stayed in around the world – with pleasure or more reluctantly – have changed my thinking about business, and given me insight that helps me lead a happier life.  Continue reading