Two Views Of The Isle Of Man

Scenic view, Peel, Isle of Man

We all have our favourite views – the first is one of mine. The couple are taking in the view from Peel Hill on the west coast of the Isle of Man as sun starts to set over the harbour. We’d been hoping to snag the bench ourselves, but, as it turned out, their presence made the view sweeter. When they’d had their fill, they made their way back down, giving us chance to take our turn.

View from Cregneash

The second view shows the land, sky and sea from the village of Cregneash a little further along the coast in the south west of the island.

Shared for the weekly photo challenge, Earth, to celebrate Earth Day, which takes place on April 22nd. 

32 Replies to “Two Views Of The Isle Of Man”

    1. I hope you’ll get the opportunity to visit soon. That’s one problem with blogging – we end up with longer and longer to-visit lists!

  1. These are so lovely to see! My ancestors left Jurby in the Isle of Man in the 1750’s to come to the American colonies. I’ve always wanted to go there and when I see the landscape I’m further motivated to plan a trip.

    1. I usually come back from there with lots of pictures of the triskelion – I’m interested in branding and it fascinates me to see a symbol interpreted in so many different ways.

    1. Just guessing, but it will probably be the first place you’ve been where the bus plays an automated message reminding you to greet the fairies shortly before you cross their bridge.

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