Two Views Of The Isle Of Man

Scenic view, Peel, Isle of Man

We all have our favourite views – the first is one of mine. The couple are taking in the view from Peel Hill on the west coast of the Isle of Man as sun starts to set over the harbour. We’d been hoping to snag the bench ourselves, but, as it turned out, their presence made the view sweeter. When they’d had their fill, they made their way back down, giving us chance to take our turn. Continue reading “Two Views Of The Isle Of Man”

Opposites: Peel, Isle of Man

Peel, Isle of Man

The weekly photo challenge asks us for opposites. Here, you can take your pick: land and water (or perhaps that should be earth, sea and sky); natural and man-made; high and low; near and far; boats on the River Neb and cars on the land. I might also add old and new – Peel’s sheltered harbour was ruled by Norse Vikings for over four centuries, and remains the Isle of Man’s major fishing port today, where the islander’s way of life blends the traditional with the modern.   Continue reading “Opposites: Peel, Isle of Man”