Oscar Wilde quote: tears waiting in the petals of some rose

Rosa 'Princess Alexandra of Kent'

Linnaeus fell on his knees and wept for joy when he saw for the first time the long heath of some English upland made yellow with the tawny aromatic blossoms of the common furze, and I know that for me, to whom flowers are part of desire, there are tears waiting in the petals of some rose. It has always been so with me from my boyhood. There is not a single colour hidden away in the chalice of a flower, or the curve of a shell, to which by some subtle sympathy with the very soul of things, my nature does not answer.

Oscar Wilde, from De Profundis

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Shrewsbury: contemporary life in a medieval setting

Shrewsbury: new and old live side by side
Shrewsbury: new and old live side by side

England has some wonderful old towns. Shrewsbury is one of my favourites. I love to see how naturally the old sits with the new: it makes for a much richer experience. I was struck by the juxtaposition of new and old in my first picture. If you’re fascinated by paint charts and colours, you’ll find it interesting to contrast the acidic yellow of the Mini with the muted, traditional yellow of the building.  Continue reading “Shrewsbury: contemporary life in a medieval setting”

A PR crisis is underway – yikes!

Perhaps a social media post has gone viral in the wrong way; a senior member of your team has said – or done – something unwise; there’s been an accident or major incident; a product is unsafe and needs to be recalled; or customers have been treated poorly. Whatever the issue, it’s moved beyond the concerns of an individual or a manageable group. The press and the public are very interested. Your response will affect your company’s reputation. It’s time to bring out your crisis plan!

If you haven’t got one, you’re not alone – these guidelines will help. But please don’t wait until it’s too late. By setting aside a few minutes to think about how you would deal with a crisis now, you’ll be much better placed to react when the pressure is on.   Continue reading “A PR crisis is underway – yikes!”

Poetry and design: how constraints can help us

Online friends may have noticed I’m taking part in Blogging 101. One task has been perplexing me, as I seemed to have so many constraints to overcome. Today I’ve been thinking of William Shakespeare and his sonnets – my benchmark comparison when creative constraints appear particularly challenging. It can’t be as hard as a sonnet, right?

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