Momentary Focus: A Child Runs Through A Grotto

Child Running Through A Grotto

The Family Garden at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Centre in Austin, Texas is one of the best children’s gardens I’ve visited. Last time we were there, I had a flash of good fortune.

The waterfall and the tiled cave walls of the grotto attracted me as subject matter, but my composition lacked focus. As I took a half-comittted shot, a child ran past the curtain of water, adding motion and colour, and embodying what this part of the garden is all about.  

His stance and spirit echo the figures dancing on the walls. I don’t know what has attracted his attention, but I sense his excitement as he runs.

It’s funny how a moment becomes memorable. This shot plays a six second vine in my mind – I remember how his little sister followed behind in her summer dress and how eagerly I checked to see what part of the action my iPhone had captured.

It may not be a technically perfect shot, but it’s my standout favourite of the day.

21 Replies to “Momentary Focus: A Child Runs Through A Grotto”

  1. I second derrickjknight’s “superb”! The figures on the wall and the figure in life are a universal and eloquent language. The joy of movement is sometimes lost with adulthood, and this speaks of that joy with real reverence. Superb indeed. Congratulations on your splendid intuition!

    1. I saw an elderly couple teasing each other by bouncing on a high and flimsy-looking metal bridge earlier today – they had certainly not lost it!

  2. it all turned out well – the child adds vitality to the composition. Sometimes a person walking into your shot can be a GOOD thing 😀

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