14 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday: Fantasy”

  1. Suddenly I’m hearing “Bella Notte” from the spaghetti scene from “Lady and the Tramp.” For those of us of a certain age, this little garden is quite nostalgic — besides being beautiful. Thanks!

    1. I used to have some Lady and The Tramp music – I can’t remember the song, but I do remember the record sleeve. It might just have been a talking record. I had another one about the ugly duckling turning into a swan. Before it did it sat on a lit match and complained ‘A little piece of wood bit me’ in a plaintive duckling voice. I often find cause to quote that, but I have yet to find a single soul who has any clue what I’m on about.

      1. I know about the ugly duckling and the swan (and there’s a song for that, too!) but I sure don’t remember anything about the lit match. I find it hilarious that you’ve found occasions to quote that. I don’t doubt few understand. Count me among the clueless.

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