Identifying plants: it’s not that easy!

I’m not keen on plant labels in private gardens, unless they are well incorporated into the overall design, such as the lovely, hand-drawn herb labels I often see and admire. As a photographer, plant labels are a mixed blessing, often obscuring the shot or making it look regimented or untidy.

But they’re extremely welcome when I want to be able to name a plant, for example if I’ve just taken a picture of it, or I want to grow one or recommend it to a friend.  Continue reading “Identifying plants: it’s not that easy!”

Moorland ponies

Moorland ponies

Lovely to meet these three ponies during a walk on Darwen moors. One was bold, eager to meet two passing strangers and find out what we had to offer – ideally food but failing that, affection. The second was patiently waiting to see how things turned out, and the little one was poised to run even further away. The bold one took all we had – just pats, compliments and a few other whispered words!

Tips for photographing roses 12: finding happiness

Tips on photographing roses 12 Finding happiness

If you’re still not getting the results you’d like with your garden photography, ask yourself if it makes you feel happy – and if it does, keep going! Perhaps taking pictures gets you out into gardens, encourages you to grow more plants, or simply helps you to remember places you’ve been. Taking pictures often makes you look at things a little differently, so even if the perfect shot seems elusive, remember, it really doesn’t matter as long as you’re having fun.

My wise, beautiful, 90 year old Mama occasionally got the fancy to draw a bird or animal, even though she was absolutely useless at it. I’m not being mean, honestly – what do you think?


But it made her happy and I will always treasure her drawings.

Another mystery rose

Shrub rose

This is another mystery shrub rose from my photo library. It’s tough as well as beautiful: it was flourishing with little or no care in a cemetery in Mississippi.

If anyone can identify it, please leave a comment!