Wild violets

White violets

Perspective and a macro setting turns these small violets into giants, compared to the tiny chickweed flowers at their feet. I find it really hard to see violets as lawn weeds, even the more common purple ones. For me any patch of grass, natural or cultivated, is made more beautiful by wild violets.

I’m not usually quite so charitable about chickweed, though I can appreciate its delicate beauty in this setting. I know that’s unfair – after all:

A weed is any plant having to deal with an unhappy human.

J C Raulston


9 thoughts on “Wild violets

  1. Laurin Lindsey says:

    I would welcome wild violets in my lawn. I have lots of wild strawberries that are so sweet and I am hoping the birds will enjoy them too!


  2. Grannie Appleseed says:

    Are these the edible wild violets? I’ve gotten interested in edible weeds and flowers this year, finally at 68 years of old. Always something new to learn, isn’t there? I’ve seen recipes for violet tea. I have chocolate mint and lemon balm in my garden which I nibble on and also use in tea.


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