Tips for photographing roses 12: finding happiness

Tips on photographing roses 12 Finding happiness

If you’re still not getting the results you’d like with your garden photography, ask yourself if it makes you feel happy – and if it does, keep going! Perhaps taking pictures gets you out into gardens, encourages you to grow more plants, or simply helps you to remember places you’ve been. Taking pictures often makes you look at things a little differently, so even if the perfect shot seems elusive, remember, it really doesn’t matter as long as you’re having fun.

My wise, beautiful, 90 year old Mama occasionally got the fancy to draw a bird or animal, even though she was absolutely useless at it. I’m not being mean, honestly – what do you think?


But it made her happy and I will always treasure her drawings.

Another mystery rose

Shrub rose

This is another mystery shrub rose from my photo library. It’s tough as well as beautiful: it was flourishing with little or no care in a cemetery in Mississippi.

If anyone can identify it, please leave a comment!

Tips for photographing roses 11: keep an eye on the forecast

Tips on photographing roses 11 Weather forecastBlustery conditions present real problems for garden photography. It’s another roses are like dogs comparison, but even in a moderate summer breeze, some varieties of English roses will bounce around on the ends of their branches like enthusiastic young puppies hoping to be taken for a walk. If you’re hoping to take a few macro shots, it’s going to be hard enough keeping the bloom in shot, never mind in focus! Continue reading “Tips for photographing roses 11: keep an eye on the forecast”