Doctor Who in New Orleans

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In eager anticipation of the Doctor Who Christmas Day Special, I’m sharing pictures of the Tardis window I saw on a New Orleans balcony last month. The sign reads ‘I’m Thankful For Regeneration’: it took me a moment to get it! If you’ve never visited this brave city, which has such a colourful, resilient spirit combined with an unusual ability to celebrate, put it on your ‘to do’ list.

Gardeners will love the architecture as well as the planting schemes of the historic homes in the Garden District: the ricketiness of the roads will make you grateful for your own, almost where ever you live. And check out Magazine Street when you’re there.

Season’s greetings to everyone in the WordPress community, especially those of you who have been kind enough to read some of my blog posts, add your own comments or follow me and to those who have inspired me through their own blogs. I really appreciate you all!

Lots of love – Susan x

Tips for photographing roses 13: Seek out the rare

It is much easier to get a lovely picture of an individual flower or even a small cluster of blooms than to take a good shot of the whole plant in a garden setting. If you see a shapely plant covered in fresh, open blooms, please give it a try, even if you tend to have more success with individual flower shots.

Great shrub or climber shots of roses in full flower in an attractive context are surprisingly rare. They simply don’t exist for many varieties.

I’m not confident about taking this kind of shot myself, but when the picture before you is so lovely, you have to have a go! This picture shows shrub and climbing roses near the peak of flower in a wide border around David Austin’s Plant Centre in Albrighton, England.

Shrub and climbing roses at David Austin's Plant Centre

Identifying plants: it’s not that easy!

I’m not keen on plant labels in private gardens, unless they are well incorporated into the overall design, such as the lovely, hand-drawn herb labels I often see and admire. As a photographer, plant labels are a mixed blessing, often obscuring the shot or making it look regimented or untidy.

But they’re extremely welcome when I want to be able to name a plant, for example if I’ve just taken a picture of it, or I want to grow one or recommend it to a friend.  Continue reading “Identifying plants: it’s not that easy!”