Art in the Garden: Connected

How often do we sense a connection between two people but can’t tell what it might be?

Garden Art at Doddington Hall

Most of these figures don’t seem connected at all, though they are joined at the base of this sculpture. The lady in the background is staring into space: remote, self-contained, she’s oblivious of the others around her. But the man and the woman in the foreground… now there’s the connection I thought of when I saw this week’s challenge. There’s something that intrigues me in the way their eyes seem fixed together – perhaps they don’t really want to attend to each other quite so closely as they seem compelled to?  

Garden Art at Doddington Hall

I wish I’d spent more time photographing this little group of people. When you can only see one of the couple face on, you might not notice their connection, though the way the angle of one head mirrors each other gives a clue. When you see both, even obliquely, you can see they are seriously engaging each other. It’s very effective in comparison to the solitary poses of the others.

Garden Art at Doddington Hall

We found the artwork placed on a table near the patio at Doddington Hall Gardens during a garden art exhibition a few years ago. I was struck by so much about it: the storytelling, textures, stylisation, and the verdigris colour; the way some of the details were picked out, while other parts were deftly glossed over. You may not get a sense of the scale from my pictures: the beautifully studied, slightly elongated figures were only 16″ (40 cm) or so high.

Garden Art at Doddington Hall

I don’t know the artist, and I’ve never seen another piece like it since. I’d be very happy to credit him or her (and to browse through their website) if anyone can tell me who it is.

If you’d like to see more connections, head over to this week’s photo challenge – that’s where I’m headed!


5 Replies to “Art in the Garden: Connected”

  1. Very delicate. I think its very interesting how its possible to connect with some people. Even some that are not good for us. Or art.. How its possible people create something that can touch us so deep.

    1. It doesn’t seem like a straightforward relationship does it? You’re right about art – when it’s just right, it feels like a miracle.

  2. These are lovely images of the work. And what a work! It reminds me of an installation I saw once at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I’ve looked back through my photos, and done a bit of searching but I can’t find the artist’s name. I’ll keep digging and let you know if I come up with anything that will help you attribute this work. I love outdoor sculpture, and this piece is gorgeous.

    1. Thanks for letting me know the artist’s name. I don’t think it can be ‘Four Strolling’ as there were more figures. I’ve rechecked the exhibition catalogue and still can’t identify the name of the piece.

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