Weekly Photo Challenge: wicker family

Wicker family

The weekly photo challenge asks us to photograph something from three different angles. You’ll not be too surprised to learn that I only managed two shots of this wicker installation at the Chorley Flower Show (yes, you read that correctly) before my eye drifted off to the flowers in the background. 

Wicker family 2

Light was striking the wicker family very differently viewed from the side and the action seemed more dynamic, less frozen – or is that just me?

Wildflower meadow with thistles

My third view of the scene stretches the brief almost to breaking point, but it does show an extra perspective. And whenever I see wildflower meadows, I always want to celebrate them!

Take a look at how other people have interpreted this week’s challenge – I doubt I’m the only rebel, but let’s see!

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: wicker family

  1. julz says:

    nothing to do with this actual post -which is interesting – but I clicked on the link for last weeks’s challenge and left a message asking that she created a gallery of the actual pictures after the week had finished.

    I’m tempted to join it, it seems a nice lazy one to be part of – except that having to click on endless links to see what people have done is not exactly visual – smile

    if you agree – perhaps you could also suggest the idea?


    • susurrus says:

      I’m glad you liked them. It’s amazing what a craftsperson can create – we’ve seen quite a few of them recently at shows, weaving and teaching visitors to make simple designs.


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