In an Outdoors Mood

White metal garden chairs surrounded by delphiniums, daisies and other flowers

Sofia invited us to post images that convey a mood. During 2020, I shared a series of pictures for dreaming and was surprised, looking back, that the first and last had not featured. Perhaps they seemed impossibly far away from the reality of the time. Too inaccessible, too reflective.

I’m not going to describe how the mood of these strikes me, trusting to their own effect and leaving you to feel anything they stir.

Orange flowers (Watsonia)

Backlit trees towards the end of a sunny day

Pink crinums glow at dusk

Lindisfarne flower garden

For the Lens-Artists Challenge: Mood

Apologies to my regular blogging buddies whom I have sadly neglected over the last month. Our new internet provider has finally fixed us up.

It is obviously unwise to disconnect the old supplier before the new supplier takes over, but we had little choice as our equipment suddenly ceased working due to incompatibility after an upgrade at the old supplier’s end, and their quote to fix this was extortionate. Lessons learnt include it is perfectly possible, though inconvenient, to manage without internet and life is, in some ways, better. I am left uneasily wondering how to live a little more as if without internet while having easy access to it.

41 Replies to “In an Outdoors Mood”

  1. Your photo choices made me happy! And internet, blessing or curse? When forcibly deprived of it, I’m happy and don’t miss it at all. When I have it, I spend far too much time on it. Work that one out!

  2. The photos and the varying colors certainly do convey different moods. I am always amazed by what color can evoke, and it’s one of the things I like about abstract art.

    1. Colour and lighting together. I am part way through reading a book by a consciousness expert who doubted how much of what we see is real compared to how much is created in our minds. I really ought to go back to it, but am not keen. Looking out as a redbird flutters through a sunny, leafy garden, however the interface works, it works for me.

  3. Well that’s a scary tale about your internet provider! Glad you’re back and also appreciate that life goes one without it LOL. Lovely images, of which my favorite is the trees with shadows. Very evocative.

    1. I see the first you mention is tender and regretful. I think that is partly because I know whose garden it comes from, and am sorry to hear they are going through a sad time.

  4. That top photo is total non-reality. It makes me feel as though I’m floating — is that a mood? I love the play of light in the lily and in that green shady space — that is calming. Those red spiky flowers, whatever they are (gaura?), make me restless. It’s the image with flowers and endless expanse of sky which makes me leave the ground — such a horizon makes me feel both powerless and powerful. I don’t know if that’s a mood either, but I certainly feel responses to these images. As for the Internet, you certainly nailed the core of it: how do we live with it AND without it? I’m glad you’re back on it, though!

    1. I know what you mean about wondering if they bring moods to mind. I suppose ‘moody’ or ‘in a mood’ is often associated with ‘bad mood’. The first one reminds me of a fireworks display, embodied in flowers and tethered to the ground. And more long-lasting.

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