Nature Photo Challenge: Patterns

Telopea 'Shady Lady Crimson'
Telopea ‘Shady Lady Crimson’

Woven bee skep
Woven bee skep
White-edged succulent
White-edged succulent
Neoporteria with pink double flowers
Pink double Neoporteria
Dicksonia antarctica (Tree fern)
Dicksonia antarctica (Tree fern)
Rosa 'Camaieux' - striped rose
Rosa ‘Camaieux’

I’m just sneaking these in at the last minute to celebration of the launch of a new weekly photo challenge, hosted by Denzil. He’ll be announcing the next topic tomorrow. 

44 Replies to “Nature Photo Challenge: Patterns”

  1. Thank you for the buds! They tease especially well marbled like that! These close-ups of pattern are very soothing; there’s a nice sense of order in them. Not to mention beauty.

    1. My pleasure! It’s the disorder in the order that interests me in these. They’re ordered, but with none of the austerity our patterns typically have, so we can enjoy the movement against the formula.

  2. Wonderful patterns. They are everywhere, and the eye is drawn to them. I especially like the one of the ferns. Perhaps it’s because I live on the edge of the woods.

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