Week of Flowers 2022: A Floral Riot

Dianthus, scabious, lavender and other flowers
Dianthus, scabious, lavender…

When people riot, it’s generally ugly, but not so with flowers.

Wollerton Old Hall Garden
Delphiniums at Wollerton Old Hall Garden

Over millennia, you could argue they’ve mastered the art of sharing and combining better than humans.

Tumbling violas
Tumbling violas

Not that they are reluctant to maximise their time in the sun. Flowers show some respect for each other’s space but not much, like eager young dancers at a group audition. Of course, it’s harder when you’re tumbling.

Echinacea, helenium and verbena
Echinacea, helenium and verbena

My pictures most often show plants that are a bit more orderly than these but when you’re arriving late for a flower party, you may as well throw off all holds.

Phlox and goldenrod in a flower border
Phlox, goldenrod, agastache…

So today I’m sharing seas of flowers…

Achillea and digitalis
Achillea, verbascum, digitalis…

bold colours…

Purple phlox with other flowers
Phlox, veronicastrum. agastache…

spikes and clusters…


and tangles. All in an excellent cause.

If, like me, you’re late to join in with Cathy’s A Week of Flowers, you still have a few hours left.

40 Replies to “Week of Flowers 2022: A Floral Riot”

    1. I love spike-bearing plants. We still have spires of foxgloves on parts of the moor, now gone to seed, covered down one side by snow. They’re pretty, but I haven’t managed a decent picture.

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