Flowers to Celebrate, Thank and Remember

Large flower arrangement with coral, pink and cream roses

Can you believe I happened upon this huge flower arrangement which had been deserted against a backdrop of greenery during a walk? We were exploring gardens attached to an art gallery the morning after some form of celebration had been held.

I was surprised they had been abandoned, but happy to have a few minutes with such a brilliant floral showpiece. Pink, apricot and cream roses popped out, while lilies, peonies and larkspur provided white highlights. Eustoma, eucalyptus, sprays of azalea, other leafy foliage and (I think) an ornamental cabbage carried the garden flowers theme and helped to pack it out.

I’m repurposing them to celebrate Becky’s Squares Challenge and to thank her for hosting throughout November in very challenging circumstances.

I know she’ll be happy to share with everyone who has posted or supported her challenge by reading or commenting during the month. Given the circumstances, I’m thinking particularly of anyone who is struggling due to the loss of someone they love, including Becky’s husband, Robert, and regular commenters Maureen’s friend, Sandy, and Jill’s husband, Gary.

Their tributes remind me of a line I read yesterday:

“(Everyone felt blessed) that we were able to preserve and capture a little bit of the life force that surrounded this person… that was such a gift.”

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  1. At least these lovely flowers were able to bring some joy to passers-by like yourself – and now, through you, they will bring pleasure to others.

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