Quirky, Hand-made Wooden Gate

Wooden gate with quirky, wavy posts
More of a could-be or a used-to-be than an actually is?

I’m glad I’m not alone in being enthused by weird snippets and that I can share a few of them here as food for the imagination.

I think that this was a quirky garden gate, made from recycled wood, although at the time I thought it was a section of fence. It may or may not be to your taste, but it’s certainly a one-off.

It didn’t seem to be on sale, but was set slightly apart, leaning against a wooden pillar. So, a piece of garden art, perhaps? Or made as a sample of what could be done around a garden by someone with the time, materials and skill.

I tried to persuade my sweetheart to do something like this when he decided to rework his fence, but after a short consideration of feasibility, received the southern uh-uh of dissent it takes northerners some time to distinguish from their uh-huh of assent. At least we have hope for longer.

If this gate had a previous, functional life in a garden, I’d have loved the chance to explore its surroundings. What else would a person with a gate like this have chosen or invented?

Those of us who see faces in everyday objects will find some here; those who don’t might prefer this wooden alligator.

25 Replies to “Quirky, Hand-made Wooden Gate”

  1. It’s a handsome wee beastie. Part garden tools – part totem in the making. And I can assure you that mine would simply have looked at me askance. You want one? You make it, knowing that wouldn’t happen 😔💗

    1. I wish I was a bit more crafts-minded. I once spent a term making a slightly rounded wooden block in woodwork. I dare say my mind wasn’t in it. If I had paid more attention, who knows what I could be making now?

  2. I love quirky! About the ah-ah and uh-uh. My late husband, a native Texan, had the extraordinary ability to make no and yes sound exactly the same. Not sure how, but I’d often have to ask him to clarify.

    1. A nod or shake of the head really helps! I had to double check and it seems I should have put uh-uh and uh-huh, so I corrected it. I can just about say the dissenting version now, but not the affirmative.

  3. Of course there are faces! Much as I admire the pelican and alligator/crocodile, I favor finding faces in quirk. What a great word “quirky” is, and certainly invented for this bit of carving. With you, I have to wonder where this used to live and what else was there.

    1. It’s funny what you can see in something when you look without a fixed agenda. For example, the post on the right is looking like a cup-holder this morning. I can’t think why!

          1. I can’t remember which work it’s from but it’s a song by someone who boasts of his kindnesses to other by pointing out their faults and the refrain goes something like “And everyone says I’m such a disagreeable man, and I can’t think why.” And the chorus echoes, “He can’t think why.”

          2. You got up too early too. We can thank your lucky stars your mistake didn’t involve out-manoeuvring a fridge freezer.

            ps It’s from Princess Ida.

    1. The ‘no’ version has a falling sound and emphasises the last syllable, like the natural way to say up-down. The ‘yes’ version I can offer no help with!

    1. I’m glad you liked it enough to share. Wood is so often used to make straight, measured things, but the creatures especially seem like things a tree might approve of.

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