Garden Companions: Pelican and Alligator

Garden art: pelican with alligator

I saw these two friends in a garden in New Orleans. They look like they’ve been sitting side by side at ease (or on guard) in a shady, green corner for quite some time.  

I’m still a little hazy about the difference between a crocodile and an alligator, but I’m guessing this one’s a gator in a city that celebrates them almost as much as skulls or fleur de lys.

I love the faded paint texture of the ‘skin’, the mossy crest, the red mouth and, of course, the peg teeth. I wonder how he lost his front ones?

Wooden Alligator

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    1. He’s got a great expression too – he seems benevolent, as alligators go. He perhaps looked fiercer before his front teeth fell out.

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