19 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday: Gilding the Lily?”

    1. Lilies are the only flower I’ve ever been overwhelmed by their fragrance. I once tried to work in a room full of them and soon retreated.

  1. I bet the lilies are horrified by that saying. I love the way sun and shade elaborate on the gracefulness of this one. Just like the moon, it knows its worth.

    1. I actually thought this lily did seem to be gilded. Botrytis (a decay-type affliction of petals) is the bane of the cut rose or lily grower. In these flowers, it looked like a touch of gold here and there on the edges of the petals. It is so mixed in with the light and shade and overall radiance that it’s hard to pick out unless you’ve had to look out for it. But when you do, the hint of decay has the perverse effect of heightening the beauty.

      1. Of course I had to go back and look. I thought that color was from pollen or some such thing that was dropping on the petals. It’s decay? How sad. But, yes, a certain kind of gild.

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