A Floral Feast For Your Eyes

Arrangement of garden flowers: hydrangea, dahlia, phlox, helenium, scabious, sunflower, amaranthus

This colourful floral fantasy is the winning design from Class No. 321 (Blooming Lovely) in the Floral Art Marquee of the Southport Flower Show by Ann Coulton. Sara Barrow’s highly commended display is in the background.

Each designer created a two-part design using seasonal flowers: a large flower arrangement on a pedestal plus a floor-standing interpretation.

I’ll share more of my highlights from the show soon, but couldn’t resist posting a preview in hope the flowery excess will make you smile.

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  1. A smile? Oh, indeed! Even a bit of a gasp. How beautiful! I love that apples are a part of it. If this is just a preview, I am ready to be blown away by the rest of the show.

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