Bad Hair Day in the Garden

Garden at a flower show that looks like a face with wild hair

I’ve been looking through my pictures from Floriade Expo 2022 and whittling them down to just the decent ones. It’s not something I enjoy, particularly at the start. The trouble is, I tend to be a bit excitable when faced with gardens and lots of flowers, and to take more pictures than is convenient afterwards.

In any big batch, the whole gamut of bad pics usually appears, so at first glance, I often think, ‘Well, that visit was wasted.’ There will be shots of the gravel at my feet plus half a shoe; wind whipped, wildly out of focus flowers; pics my sweetheart has accidentally photobombed, etc.

Some, like the one I’m sharing, you can’t help wondering why you took, there was so little chance of them working out well. But luck plays a part in some of my best and some of my worst, and so it is here.

I’m contending that rather than being a bad picture of an unusual tiled garden I had intended to photograph, it’s a rather good portrait of a strange creature – a garden troll, if you will – with ruffled hair. You may also see a tiny face in the passing cable car.

After weeding out the bad ones, the visit usually seems to be rather less ‘wasted’ in terms of photography than I first feared, and so it is this time. I’ll share some of the ones that have made the cut when I’ve finished whittling.

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  1. Some of my best photos have been happy accidents, and I always take a good look and see if there is anything “salvageable” You had me at “bad hair day” also. This is a photo worthy of a post celebrating its “history.”

  2. When you take too many photos, you create much work to find the good ones later. I have the same problem and try to restrain myself when taking pictures.

  3. I think some of the best photos can sometimes come about by accident or spur-of-the-moment and this one is great. Very amusing and definitely one to keep.

    I went to the RHS Bridgewater Garden last weekend and am now in the process of whittling down the far too many photos I took and writing a post about it. It’s a lovely place, huge walled garden is a real treat and it’s very easy to take lots of photos – it’s only been open just over 12 months, if you haven’t been yet then you should, I’m sure you’ll like it 🙂

    1. It’s now won a place in my ‘Used’ file! I’ve been to Bridgewater several times from shortly after it opened, but have not posted about it yet. Like you I absolutely love the walled garden, and can see the whole place is getting more in its stride, but there seemed to be so many missed opportunities especially at first that I hardly knew what to say about it.

  4. What a quirky, fun sight that ‘creature’ is. I’m glad you found, and shared, its image. As for taking ‘too many’ photos, I’m of a divided mind. The culling does take time, but it may be that thirty-sixth photo of [name that plant] that is perfectly pleasing.

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