25 Replies to “Tortoise and Hare Fountain by Frank Fleming”

    1. I should have taken pictures of the flower and the tortoise’s face in retrospect, but I seem to remember being slightly out of bounds, so did not linger.

    1. It gets even worse – there are three other parts to the design, one for each season. Consider this a teaser, though I’ll have to go back to get more!

  1. This really happened in my universe. I was driving down my driveway when a rabbit and a turtle crossed the drive in front of our car. My children were small. We sat and watched them cross. J and A claimed they were racing. Ha. You know who got across last. Sweet moments with children!

  2. That rabbit has attitude (rabbitude?) and reminds me of the garden marauders here. Being part turtle myself, I feel sorry for this one, but of course we all know who wins in the end. I do love fountains, though. It looks like a flower sculpture on the other side — is that part of the whole thing? There’s what looks like a very gracefully sculpted stem and leaf extending over the pool. Nice.

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