Gallery of Roses in Greenwood Cemetery, Jackson, MS

Rosa 'Reine des Violettes'
Rosa ‘Reine des Violettes’

Greenwood Cemetery has one of the best collections of cemetery roses in America. While the roses are pruned, they are never watered other than by rain. I’m offering this celebration of Greenwood Cemetery’s roses largely without commentary so you can enjoy them in peace. 

Irises and gladioli with Rosa 'Heritage'

Iris, tradescantia, gladioli, oxalis and wildflowers also grow in the cemetery, while wisteria cascades around arches near the entrance.

Red rose growing in a cemetery

Red rose in Greenwood Cemetery, Jackson, MS

Deep pink rose

Rosa x odorata 'Mutabilis'
Rosa x odorata ‘Mutabilis’

White shrub rose in Greenwood Cemetery, Jackson MS

Palest pink rose

Chestnut rose (Rosa roxburghii plena)
Chestnut rose (Rosa roxburghii plena)

Jackson cemetery rose covered in blooms

Coral rose

Cluster of apricot roses

Apricot shrub rose

Rosa 'Graham Thomas'
Rosa ‘Graham Thomas’

Roses with lots of buds

Soft apricot rose

Ivory shrub rose

Strawberry and cream rose

Rosa 'Belinda's Dream'
Rosa ‘Belinda’s Dream’

Grave headstone covered in roses

White rose speckled pink

White rose in Greenwood Cemetery, Jackson, MS

I’ve written about the roses in Jackson’s Greenwood Cemetery in an earlier post, which has more information about the cemetery and the people who care for it.

Greenwood Cemetery Address

The cemetery lies between North West Street and North Lamar Street in downtown Jackson, MS, 39202, with the entrance on George Street.

Jackson State Capitol overlooking Greenwood Cemetery
Jackson’s State Capitol overlooks the cemetery

When to visit to see the roses at their best

My pictures were taken between 20th April and 7th May 2022. While variations in weather between one year and another may affect the timing, this gives a good indication of when to expect the first, most tenderly beautiful peak of blooms. The roses go on to repeat flower in flushes during the year with some performing better than others.

Opportunities to root roses

Rose rooting days (and the occasional rose sale) are held by volunteers, led by the much loved Executive Director of the Greenwood Cemetery Association, Cecile Wardlaw. To keep up to speed with all the activities of the charity, follow them on Facebook.

Sending a virtual hug across the ocean to Cecile, hoping her arm is better. 

35 Replies to “Gallery of Roses in Greenwood Cemetery, Jackson, MS”

  1. What a wonderful “garden” for relatives of the interred to enjoy during their visits And as well for anyone who enjoys roses in a peaceful setting..

  2. And this is all without watering! Incredible. You likely heard me gasp when I got to that photo of the white rose with the pink bud; when I looked more closely, it seemed to me the white rose was really a barely-pink rose. What a stunner. I think I can imagine being in such a place. Your photos are very thought-full.

    1. I did not hold out much hope this would work when I was first told about the project, but it evidently does. I did hear the gasp, now you mention it. Buds’ proper place always seems to be in a cluster, not sticking out every which way alone.

    1. I’m sure families choose what to plant on new memorials, but the roses are planted in between graves or against older ones.

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