A Celebration With Bluebells

Bluebells with garlic
Bluebells with garlic

I remember my first post and the mix of trepidation and embarrassment that attended the press of the ‘Publish’ button. I suspect my main concern was that somebody might see it!

That to-press-or-not-to-press moment floated back to me when a notification came from WordPress featuring a tiny silver cup surrounded by even tinier sparkles as my blog has had over 500,000 views: news that prompted a woo hoo! even from this Lancastrian.

I’m celebrating with bluebells, one of my favourite spring flowers, sent out with a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has taken the time to visit me here, especially regular readers. Blogging would be much less fun without you.

Spanish bluebells
Spanish bluebells

While I have come to think of many of the blogging buddies who interact here as friends, I am often surprised to meet people who tell me how much they enjoy my blog but leave no trace of their visit. That’s not just fine, it’s wonderful. Everyone is welcome.

When I started blogging, I hoped to have readers from around the world, but the actuality has exceeded my imagination. Over the life of this site I’ve had visitors from 205 countries, including one  person today, to my amazement, from Ukraine. It’s humbling to think of someone in war time reaching out and finding my blog.

At times I have wondered whether it’s appropriate to post during an era that will go down in history but not for the right reasons, and have found myself being quieter than usual, but a number of posts are planned, so prepare to see more activity. Meanwhile, if you’re wondering how to tell English and Spanish bluebells apart, check out my post.

Before I saw the silver cup, I’d planned a simpler post linked to Cee’s Flower of the Day, which reminds me to thank the hosts of various challenges (past and present) who help us build community here. WordPress is lucky to have you.

If you fancy taking part in a challenge, check out Cee’s lists of photographic and writing challenges and if you’re hosting a challenge not yet listed, please send her the details.

43 Replies to “A Celebration With Bluebells”

  1. Well, I don’t comment very much, but I do check in nightly to see what’s new with you! I always enjoy your posts! Congratulations!

  2. I haven’t been doing much blog-following this last month, what with being away and all, but I’m glad I opened this one. Partly because I’ve missed out on bluebells this year, and partly to congratulate you on your milestone. Glad to be one of your blogging buddies! Your posts are always ones to look forward to.

  3. A perfect way to celebrate your achievement with gorgeous bluebells. Very well done

  4. I too look forward to your posts and I rarely comment. Your photos are a bright spot in all the busyness and messiness of the world. I hope you and your sweetie are well.

    1. We are! Thanks for reading, and for leaving such an encouraging comment. I often read blogs without commenting too.

  5. That reader from Ukraine will have enjoyed being able to escape from the war into your blog for a little while. So yes, I think it is good to keep blogging about the uplifting side of life. People need it.
    The combination of bluebells and wild garlic is beautiful – a joyful sight to see. Congratulations on all those views – you are bringing happiness all around the world! 🙂

  6. Congratulations on your achievement with blogging. I’ve just discovered your blog today and I’m excited to become part of this journey. I love gardening, flowers and visiting beautiful gardens everywhere too.

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