28 Replies to “Pavement Flowers: Taraxacum officianale”

  1. I love dandelions, the colour is always so bright, My back garden was full of them until a few days ago, now they’ve all turned into puff balls 🙂

    1. Now that’s strange. You don’t think your rabbits are teasing you? I sometimes drink them as a tea, mixed with nettles. Dandelions, that is.

      1. This may be even stranger: I think the geese eat them! I’m not sure yet. It might be the one redeeming quality of these beasts. Dandelion tea with nettles? Really? Something else I don’t know about!

      2. An addendum: I just got back from the store where I was searching for tea, and there, just plain as plain, was dandelion-nettle tea! I think it also had grapefruit in it! Apparently it has been in front of my face all along and I didn’t know it. I freely admit lots of things have been right in front of my face and I didn’t know it. Thanks for helping me see what’s there!

        1. How funny! The grapefruit element may have been to enliven the taste. I like a couple of herbal teas but have to be careful not to drink too much of any of them as they make me woozy.

  2. If only they didn’t set seed so quickly and then plant themselves all over the garden I would have more love for them. Digging out the tap root when it’s growing in the middle of an established plant is impossible.

  3. I have one “pet” dandelion. It blooms prolifically and gets deadheaded like any garden plant, which prevents seeding. However, I remove the ones that pop up in the lawn.

  4. Squirrels adore them, as well as pollinators. When they’re nice and fresh, you sometimes can catch a squirrel in the act of nipping off a flower to enjoy. I used to pick them for my pet squirrel. I like to call the dandelion patches ‘accidental gardens.’

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