Rosa ‘Tranquillity’ After Dusk

Rosa 'Tranquillity' after dusk

“You live a normal life and it’s quite difficult to realise that this normal life is coming to an end.”

– Man in Ukraine, BBC interview, 24th February 2022

In sunlight, Rosa ‘Tranquillity’ is a bright, creamy colour. Captured when the sun is down, the flowers have a sombre quality.

Shared for Cee’s Flower of the Day, thinking of all those who are distressed and in danger because one man said it should be so.

18 Replies to “Rosa ‘Tranquillity’ After Dusk”

    1. It was a close thing and millions did not survive. But thanks for your words of hope. I can hope for the future, but the present dismays me.

  1. Rosa is a beautiful pairing with that quotation, which is so poignant, simple, and true. I was heartsick as I watched the news and saw normal people fleeing and hiding.

  2. “Normal” seems so distant. Of course my eyes went right to that bud. It’s a wonderful though indeed sobering portrait of life cycle. My thanks to you and to Cee.

  3. Do you happen to know about the so-called White Rose resistance to Hitler? It’s a fascinating story that I’m thinking about writing about, although I need to do some research first to be sure I’m accurate in the details. It was a young peoples’ movement, and quite compelling. If I can pull it together, I may ask if I could use this rose as an image.

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