PPAC: Snowmen

Snowman with red scarf

Do snowmen count as art? Some snow has fallen over the last couple of days but not as much as elsewhere and not nearly enough for us to get creative with, so my pictures are from previous years.

Snowman with snowcat

I loved the way this snowman with a flower (mahonia?) for a nose had a snowcat for company. His attitude makes me think he was declaiming poetry – something very worthy, although the cat seems unimpressed. Either that or he’s spotted an alien spacecraft approaching.

Snowmen wearing masks

My final snowmen were making a gesture towards being socially responsible. While they had not mastered the art of fitting their masks correctly, I’ll concede it’s a challenge for the carrot-nosed.

Shared for Marsha and Cee’s Public Art Challenge

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  1. I can’t help adding a photo of this snowman built on the beach in Galveston after our Christmas Eve snow in 2004. It’s next to the sculpture honoring victims of the 1900 storm; the surfboard is a tribute to current Galvestonians.

    Your snow cat is wonderful. I think its companion might be raising its arms in frustration and saying, “Cats! They’re never happy!”

  2. As snowman and cat definitely count as public art. Who would have thought of it, though! These are adorable especially with your commentary. Thanks for joining in this week. I’m so happy to have you!

    1. I could have fallen foul of the RSPCSA (snow animals) were there such a thing. I’d seen the cat when I took the picture, but had forgotten about it so I cropped half of it out. It was only when I came to post it that I thought ‘Hang on…’

  3. These are hilarious! I laughed out loud at that first one — he really took me by surprise. I can’t help thinking that he looks itchy with all those leaves stuck into/onto him. But then what better scratch for an itch than a stick arm? I like the idea of the poet with the flower nose. Cats are never an appreciative audience, but the two masked snowmen would be. Thanks for the uplifting art!

    1. I’m glad you liked them. The top one will have left quite a heap behind when it melted. I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture of that.

  4. Snowmen definitely count as art. We had tiny bit of snow this morning. Not enough for even tiny bit of art. Yours are lovely

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