PPAC: Snowmen

Snowman with red scarf

Do snowmen count as art? Some snow has fallen over the last couple of days but not as much as elsewhere and not nearly enough for us to get creative with, so my pictures are from previous years.

Snowman with snowcat

I loved the way this snowman with a flower (mahonia?) for a nose had a snowcat for company. His attitude makes me think he was declaiming poetry – something very worthy, although the cat seems unimpressed. Either that or he’s spotted an alien spacecraft approaching.

Snowmen wearing masks

My final snowmen were making a gesture towards being socially responsible. While they had not mastered the art of fitting their masks correctly, I’ll concede it’s a challenge for the carrot-nosed.

Shared for Marsha and Cee’s Public Art Challenge

36 Replies to “PPAC: Snowmen”

      1. I am not surprised. I found a couple of my all-time most frequent readers in SPAM yesterday. I was glad I did a walk through to let them out of jail! 🙂 I think Akismet has Omicron.

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