Season’s Greetings

Tree decorations, Town Hall, Darwen at Christmas

Thank you to my lovely blogging buddies for your company, your good humour and your cheery words during another challenging year.

For those who celebrate it, I wish you a very Merry Christmas…

Merry Christmas star on a tree

and for everyone, I hope you have a happy, healthy, peaceful weekend.

Love and hugs



49 Replies to “Season’s Greetings”

  1. The decorations in the first photo look typically Southern U.S., but the building seems as though it might be British. In either case, it’s lovely, as is the star. I’m sending you wishes for an equally lovely day, Susan, and a season of joy that reaches into the New year.

  2. And all the same to you, Susan! May the Christmases to come be much improved! Do my eyes deceive me, or are those little pine beasties hanging around the Christmas sign? Owls? Gnomes? Forest sugarplums? I admire the wit of those who come up with such things — they insist that we smile. Thank you!

    1. Pine beasties works for me. They were part of decorations put out each year around a local reservoir. I hope your day is going well, with sweet treats aplenty.

  3. Hope you are having a lovely time Susan. Thank you for your wonderful posts this year, I love your sense of humour and your excellent photos. Hope to see more in 2022. Stay healthy! ✨🎄🥂

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