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  1. They are all stunning as flowers but the Gladiolus has to win for sheer gorgeousness. I’ve never seen one like that you managed to bring out the colours so well.

    1. I think The Queen would approve. Mum and I were discussing her orange coat and hat earlier this week. I thought she looked great but Mum was less keen.

  2. Beautiful photos! I love the way the gladiolus seems to be balancing a raindrop on the tip of that upward swooping petal. But, oh, that rose! I think I’ve never seen safflower before; it looks almost electric! Another great start to my day — thank you!

  3. The nasturtium is my favorite — perhaps because orange isn’t my favorite color, and the mixture of colors in that one makes it more appealing to me.

      1. Perhaps we could call it Dreamsicle: that wonderful combination of vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet that I hardly can find these days.

  4. I really like the colours in that nasturtium. I must plant some different ones next year, all mine are the bog standard orange, even my dark red ones failed to emerge this year. And I am intrigued by the safflower – I have heard of safflower oil, but never seen the actual flower that it must surely come from.

    1. I grew some mixed variegated ones last year that turned out to be mainly orange. There were not many seeds in the pack and I thought I was being clever by saving the seeds to re-sow, but they have been puny little things, except from one plain green leaved orange one. Sigh.

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