Golden Bits and Pieces

Golden light at Epcot
Golden light at Epcot

Multi-dimensional ceiling light with blue ceiling lights
Jazz-style ceiling lights
Music series poster for Uncle Billy's Brewery
Uncle Billy’s Brewery Music Series advert
Zurich shop sign with snake and horn
Zurich shop sign
Lindt Bunnies
More Lindt bunnies, same pose

Shared for Life In Colour: Gold.

My laptop is back from its trip to be repaired in the Czech Republic with a (second) new screen. Now I just have to catch up with some of the things I’ve missed and get back in the habit of blogging again! 

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    1. It’s back with a second new screen. Happy? More happy, certainly, but I’ll let you know for sure when I find out how long this one lasts. I am half-scared to close the lid which is not ideal on a laptop.

  1. Uncle Billy looks fun, but the saddest thing- those Lindt Easter bunnies. This Easter our lovely friend Marie gave us 2 just like this. She couldn’t go back to her family in Harrogate and we were in some ways a substitute. I miss her so much!
    And yes, I’m blogging again, whenever you can get there.

    1. Oh, I’m sorry Jo, but glad to have reminded you of a nice thing she did. She was a sweetie.

      It’s lovely to have you back – we’ve missed you. I’m adding a link to your new blog for anyone who happens to see this: Still RestlessJo. I’ll be over for a good look round when I get a moment.

  2. No denying that the Lindt bunnies are golden. That golden light is pretty special and I also have a fondness for European store signs. We just don’t have those at all.

    1. The sign seems to be the favourite and I was unsure about sharing that one because of the quality of the shot. Just shows not to worry too much!

  3. It’s so good to have you back! I sure hope this is the end of your computer troubles. This is a fine assortment of golds, and I must say that Uncle Billy is hilarious. He must pull in some good crowds.

    1. Thank you! I am still catching up a bit. If only I could think it would be! On second thoughts, it’s probably better to outlive your equipment. As I do not buy things just to have the next new thing, my previous model is really old by today’s standards. It works fine – at its own speed – for some things, but does not give an enjoyable all-round experience and can’t be updated to the latest software. I can easily forgive the older one that, but have a harder time forgiving this. The plus point is that I do appreciate the enjoyment of using this one now it is working.

      1. Old by today’s standards, works fine at its own speed, doesn’t give an enjoyable all-round experience, and cannot be updated? Now who do I know who fits that description? Oh, yes: me. Thanks for the laugh.

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