Amid the Wildflowers and Grasses At Dusk

Knowle Lane at sunset
Knowle Lane

This sequence of pictures was taken during an evening walk as temperatures started to cool off after a scorcher of a day. While not technically correct – they’re dark and indistinct – their atmosphere is sweet, for me at least. 

Rosebay willowherb and grasses with sunset
Rosebay willowherb sunset
Rosebay willowherb silhouetted at dusk
Rosebay willowherb silhouette

The ingredients too could be said, by some, not to amount to much: wild flowers and grasses, a few houses, an almost invisible dry stone wall with barbed wire fence, the whole topped off with a cloudy sky, the sun having gone for another day.

Not much seemed more than enough.

Sunset over field, Darwen

Just a few steps from here, we’d happened upon a trace of rabbits playing on the long-abandoned remains of an all-weather pitch. Their collective noun ‘trace’ was appropriate, as they melted into the brambles and long grass when we arrived, leaving just a trace in our minds of their small, bounding bodies and white tails.

It felt good to know that they too were out and about, enjoying the quiet of the evening.

I’m sharing the first picture for TreeSquare.

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  1. “Not technically correct”? If a picture is meant to convey place, time, mood, spirit, and half a hundred other things, then these are very technically correct. I love the muted tones, that mysterious rosy-peachy-lavendery color of the air, and the sense of rest. These are gorgeous.

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