Retro Floral With Peonies and Roses

Retro floral with peonies, roses, delphinium and hibiscus
Peonies, roses, delphinium and hibiscus

I took this colourful picture a few years ago during an event at the Antique Rose Emporium in Texas. The creamy-white flower is a form of hibiscus.

I felt the picture might benefit from a nudge towards a retro style, and to highlight the contrast between shade and light, so I added a filter to ones below.

Retro floral with filter

Peony with roses

Shared for Six Word Saturday, which was quite a treat today.

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  1. I kept going back to the first one – so beautiful. It makes me want to grow roses again, even after I worked in the garden yesterday and was dismayed by the bug damage. In my garden, roses are beetle food.

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