Gallery of White Roses

White roses

“There is something quite special about white roses… they are all purity and light.” – David Austin

I’m sharing pictures of white shrub roses and rambling roses in eager anticipation of the peak flowering season for roses which is a couple of weeks or so away in my part of the world. As my sweetheart would say, bring it on! Meanwhile, I’ll let the roses do their own talking.

Rosa 'Desdemona'
Rosa ‘Desdemona’

Rosa 'Jacqueline du Pré'
Rosa ‘Jacqueline du Pré’
Rosa moschata 'Nastarana'
Rosa moschata ‘Nastarana’
White rambling rose at Wollerton Old Hall
Rambling rose at Wollerton Old Hall
Rosa 'Winchester Cathedral'
Rosa ‘Winchester Cathedral’ often has a pink petal
White shrub rose: Rosa 'Trier'
Rosa ‘Trier’
Rosa 'Tranquillity'
Rosa ‘Tranquillity’
White rambler rose
White rambler
Panicle of white rambling roses
An arbour dripping with roses
Rosa 'Kew Gardens'
Rosa ‘Kew Gardens’
Rosa rugosa 'Alba'
Rosa rugosa ‘Alba’
Rosa 'Mountain Snow'
Rosa ‘Mountain Snow’

Jude suggested I might share some white roses for her current challenge – I’m happy to oblige.

56 Replies to “Gallery of White Roses”

  1. Superb! I am sticking my nose into the screen now. Love the open ones, Rosa ‘Jacqueline du Pré’ in particular and that arbor. I do have some white roses of my own (unknown) which have the faintest pink tinge and a delicate lemony smell. Just coming into flower.

    1. Those sound lovely. I nearly included a pretty, very pale pink one. Some of these are decidedly creamy, even yellowish when they are young, and there are some colours of roses that fade almost to white in bright sun.

        1. You’d imagine it might help insects target the freshest flowers – though the mechanism is not intuitive to humans, it might be to bees. Someone will surely have researched that.

  2. Smelling salts, please! I thought the green yesterday was cooling — these are like looking at snow! Or porcelain. Or wedding cake frosting. Those ‘Kew Gardens’ buds are the most un-bud-like buds I’ve ever seen, and I covet them. I also covet the roses that drip — those buds seem to be pink and yellow — the whole of it looks sort of like seashells. Do the ‘Desdemona’ buds always open with the dark edge? There’s tragedy in that, yes?

    1. There is a hint of a bruise in the partly open buds, for those alert to the tragedy bundled in with in the name. R. ‘Kew Gardens’ has tiny green buds. By the time they are peachy, the sepals are too inconsequential to provide much restraint.

    1. It’s funny to think of roses opening in a slow roll over all the rose-growing countries in the world. NASA could perhaps make a space view of it.

  3. There is something very beautiful about white roses – especially the simple ones – so elegant.

  4. What a lovely series. ‘Tranquility’ is my favourite.

    I do love roses trailing over an arbour too. 🙂

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