Life In Colour: Purple Anxiety

Dark purple auricula with white centre

HeyJude may not have been expecting to raise a debate about colour naming and perception when she announced purple as the colour of the month.

Part of the trouble is she has warned us to stay clear of violet which sent this blogger into paroxysms of violet anxiety. What actually is violet? My associations are few: the folk name of a flower (which is often purple), the last colour of a rainbow (who could put their finger on that?), and ultraviolet (something our eyes don’t see).


Purple hellebore

To muddy the water, our dear friend RestlessJo has found herself turning into a conscientious objector, pointing out with some bemusement when purples veer into pinkiness or burgundiness.

Purple martagon lily
Martagon lily

It is all getting controversial. I’d have said these lilies were purple without much thought a week ago, but now have to concede that they are pink in places.

Ought I to feel like a mariner steering a steady path in heavy seas between rocks or more like someone putting my hand in a basket of kittens? I’ve never done either, but here goes!

Dark purple violas

I’ve chosen dark purples as my tribute to Seb and Nina, caring Coronation Street characters (in the UK’s longest running soap) targeted by young thugs because of her Victorian Goth identity. Tragically, the storyline is designed to raise awareness for the true story of Sophie Lancaster who died after she and her boyfriend were beaten in a Lancashire park.Β The charity established in her name by her mother works for a kinder and more tolerant world.Β 

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  1. Jo did open a can of worms, didn’t she? But I think we can agree that your first image at least is properly purple. In fact I’m happy with every single one! And I bet Jude will be too..

    1. You’ve been saying out loud what I’ve been thinking going through my pictures. It was the purple/violet that threw me. In any case, most living things are not all one colour. I am waiting to see what you share though – you’ve been raising expectations!

      1. How funny! Jude told me I have all month so I’d better think carefully. πŸ€£πŸ’• I have some thistles I’m rather fond of.

  2. Purple. Ahaaa. I think of purple as more of a indigo darkness with a reddish tone to take it from being dark blue.

  3. You’re not wrong! Who would have though that a colour could arouse such passion confusion! I have put up another post with palettes which might assist. Arguing about shades and tones is not what I envisaged when I set out on this. God help us when we hit gold! As for your Auricula, I’ll go along with it as it is the purple I see in my starling, though controversially it could also be a dark tone of violet!

    Anyway, that aside, I think this is a lovely tribute to that awful vicious attack.

  4. This is an awesome post! Though I hasten to add that I’m very sorry about your violet anxiety and I hope you can recover from it. While you are in its throes, however, I will enjoy this group contemplation. I am all about that very first photo and I call THAT purple!

    I did not know about Sophie. Our species just can’t seem to care for itself.

    1. My recovery has already had one setback when Vicki mentioned indigo. I was planning to steer well clear of that. One might conclude the rainbow was especially named with awkward colours to make mnemonics possible.

      I was not sure about linking in such a serious topic with a trivial one. The real life people attacked were an English student and an Art student. I hope they would approve of any debate where people can laughingly take different sides.

      1. Despite my not knowing them, I’d have to think that they’d engage in such a debate with spirit. Color and flowers seem to me to be a lovely wreath to honor their memory.

        And now another wrinkle to our brains with indigo! The power of purple must not be underestimated!

  5. Some great purples here…and I’m with Vicki on an indigo darkness with a reddish tone….

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