Pink Floral Fantasy

Pink floral

When I get the chance, I try to create a floral fabric design – something a designer might paint – from living flowers. Not that I deserve the credit for growing the flowers, cutting them or arranging them, mind you. By ‘create’ I ought to say spot the opportunity and take a picture.

This one is a pretty decent attempt. The odd flower has its mind on other things or is sulking and refusing to pose nicely.  The top left area needs less depth and more flatness. I’m relying on a neighbouring vase to fill that space.  But though, as ever, I am critical, most of the flowers are cheerful, beaming, radiant and happy as anyone (even Becky) could desire.

For those interested in the flowers, they are prize blooms from the garden rather than the florist’s shop: Achillea, Dahlia, Japanese anemone, Phlox and Zinnia.

Shared for two very friendly blogging challenges: April Squares is aiming to brighten our month and Life in Colour, to pinken it.

36 Replies to “Pink Floral Fantasy”

  1. That is one very pink square! Well done you. And the flowers themselves are fabulous. (As is the photographer for spotting the opportunity).

  2. To paraphrase Louis Pasteur, chance only favors the prepared mind, and in your case, you got a glorious jumble of pink. I like the idea of the odd flower sulking or having its mind on other things.

    1. I like the quote! It looks like the anemones were fleeting in a vase, so they had good cause to be sorry to have been picked.

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