Old-fashioned Pink Roses With Lots of Petals

Double roses with button eyes
Double rose with a button eye and a ruffled style

There’s something about roses with many petals. For many, these romantic, soulful plants are the archetypal roses, especially if they happen to be pink and to have a good fragrance.

Some of these do and some don’t. What interests me about them is their flower forms, the patterns the petals take, and the way the blooms cluster together. The odd one you may recognise. While they are old-fashioned in style, in the main they are English Roses, bred over the last 50 years or so by David Austin.

Pink roses at Rosemoor garden
Pink roses, possibly Rosa ‘Rosemoor’ looking at the buds

Among these, rather surprisingly, is one of the most popular pictures I have taken, or so it would seem as I often get emails about it. Feel free to guess which one.

Rosa Wildeve
Rosa ‘Wildeve’ has luminous petals
Rosa James Galway
Rosa ‘James Galway’ has rows of petals packed so tightly they crinkle
Rosa Alan Titchmarsh
Rosa ‘Alan Titchmarsh’ syn ‘Huntington Rose’
Alan Titchmarsh rose
Rounded blooms have a soulful appearance
Rosa Mary Rose
Rosa ‘Mary Rose’ is scented
Rosa William Morris
I usually tidy up fallen petals but here they add to the languid allure of Rosa ‘William Morris’
Rosa Spirit of Freedom
Rosa ‘Spirit of Freedom’ has heavy, full, deeply cupped blooms
Pink English shrub rose
Some prefer their roses to face upwards
Rosa Young Lycidas
Am I pushing it a bit to say Rosa ‘Young Lycidas’ is deep pink?

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  1. I definitely fall for William Morris.Pink roses though seems to be so delicate, but then always fragrant.I am already dreaming of walking once again in the Rose garden nearby to where I live.

    1. It is my favourite picture too here. Though the plant is not always the easiest to grow, when grown well, the flowers are lovely.

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