Random Green Stuff, Just Because

Antique wagon painted green
Antique wagon painted green

HeyJude’s request for us to share green things in March came with gentle encouragement to go beyond natural greenery. So here goes!

Fox on green door
Green door with fox
Scandinavian style retro folk art
Scandinavian style folk art
Einstein art with green and red light
Robots will launder our underpants
Green lady with flowers in her hair
Green lady, Manchester
Topiary Pooh bear with red balloon
Pooh Bear with sky writing

Thinking of blogging challenges, I imagine there are some bemused bloggers out there at the moment, as a result of ‘improvements’, ‘fixes’ and bugs which seem to be an inevitable part of publishing on a changing platform.

Any blogger who is still not keen to use the new editor might like to know they can still get into the classic editor by typing the following on to the end of their site address, which starts https://


How long this will last is anyone’s guess. While I’m on the subject, anyone having difficulties answering comments because the ‘Post Comment’ button is missing might like to try a clumsy workaround I’m using. Answer the comment. Open a second search window in your browser. Click back to your original window and your ‘Post Comment’ button will have reappeared. Repeat as needed. If you know of a more elegant solution, please let me know!

Whichever software you’re using, whether to blog or to read, I wish you the very best of luck – here’s to a happy weekend!

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53 Replies to “Random Green Stuff, Just Because”

  1. Wonderful green subjects, Susan. As far as WordPress, I wish they would stop “fixing things” because it seems to be getting worse than better. And just when I learn where to go to do what I need to do, they move it. But it does feel good to have the energy to get frustrated with something as inconsequential as a platform. It used to be our government consumed all my energy – with the virus adding another layer.

    1. Very wise. It is a step forward. I once described WordPress tools being moved like someone sneaking in your house when you’re asleep and rearranging all your furniture to where they think it would be ‘better’ for it to go.

    1. I don’t have a Facebook account. I tried it briefly and didn’t think it was for me. At least the post still looks good.

  2. Great shots, I love the fox and the Scandinavian style folk art is very pretty but the green lady intrigues me – is that a recent shot or from some time ago? If recent, where is it? I’ve recently spent several hours in Manchester photographing street art for my blog but haven’t seen that one.

    1. I tried to locate it online before I posted it in the hope I could credit the artist, but couldn’t find it. I hadn’t noticed the signature half shown in the bottom corner when I was there – too busy looking at the painting. We’d been to Art of the Brick at the Great Northern Warehouse and I remember it being on the wall on the buildings to the left of an open area when coming out of there. I don’t know if it is still there.

      1. I’ve just done quite an extensive search for it myself but found nothing – strange that of all the many Manchester street art images on Google no-one seems to have photographed that one. Maybe yours will be the first if Google picks it up from this blog 🙂 A few of mine are on there from previous blog posts and I’m always surprised when I come across them.

  3. WP does love to make changes! I noticed that my WPADMIN is now missing from the menu settings and that my media library had been changed, which was very annoying because I search a lot by date. Anyway if you go to your account settings (you need to be logged in): https://wordpress.com/me/account and scroll down you will see a dashboard appearance toggle. Set this on and you will have wpadmin menu settings once more. And can then access the classic editor from the drop down add new post at the TOP of the page (not the left menu)

    And I love your eclectic greens! Great fox doorknocker and lovely green lady!

  4. My favourite was that lovely folk art, till I reached Pooh 🙂 🙂 And then I got useful advice from Jude, if I can remember it. Such rich lives we lead 🙂

    1. I like the folk art, though it is not the greenest picture, I ventured it anyway. The others are all super green to make up!

  5. I will never understand why the whole world doesn’t abide by the wisdom in “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”! Thank you for the antidote to these improvements, Susan. And to HeyJude and jillybeans. It’s good to know I’m not the only one. These tributes to green are a classic example of the reasons we don’t want to miss anything in these blogs. Though I am blown away by Pooh Bear, I mostly want to ride in that green wagon — I bet those spokes make wonderful green circles as it goes along. It’s a beauty!

    1. We’re far from the only ones. It is an excellent wagon, though whether we could depend on it any more than on our site buttons to stay in one place is another question. A case of ‘even if it is broke, don’t fix it’, perhaps?

      1. Now that’s a whole different way of looking at it, and I must think about it. When I was very young and nimble, there was a broken-down milk wagon in an empty lot nearby. It was wonderful just to climb into and sit and pretend. I could do the same thing in the green wagon and be quite content, I think, to cogitate on the whole cosmic question of fixing the broken or the unbroken.

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