Random Green Stuff, Just Because

Antique wagon painted green
Antique wagon painted green

HeyJude’s request for us to share green things in March came with gentle encouragement to go beyond natural greenery. So here goes!

Fox on green door
Green door with fox
Scandinavian style retro folk art
Scandinavian style folk art
Einstein art with green and red light
Robots will launder our underpants
Green lady with flowers in her hair
Green lady, Manchester
Topiary Pooh bear with red balloon
Pooh Bear with sky writing

Thinking of blogging challenges, I imagine there are some bemused bloggers out there at the moment, as a result of ‘improvements’, ‘fixes’ and bugs which seem to be an inevitable part of publishing on a changing platform.

Any blogger who is still not keen to use the new editor might like to know they can still get into the classic editor by typing the following on to the end of their site address, which starts https://


How long this will last is anyone’s guess. While I’m on the subject, anyone having difficulties answering comments because the ‘Post Comment’ button is missing might like to try a clumsy workaround I’m using. Answer the comment. Open a second search window in your browser. Click back to your original window and your ‘Post Comment’ button will have reappeared. Repeat as needed. If you know of a more elegant solution, please let me know!

Whichever software you’re using, whether to blog or to read, I wish you the very best of luck – here’s to a happy weekend!

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53 Replies to “Random Green Stuff, Just Because”

    1. By some miracle, by grumbling about it my comment problem seems mysteriously to be fixed. I will have to try that more often 🙂

  1. Extraordinary! I’ve just tried replying to Jude, and all I get is a ‘Cancel reply’ when I try to post. I guess WP doesn’t welcome criticism … But your ost is a great addition to Jude’s challenge!

    1. It should work if you are logged into your account. Otherwise it will ask you to log in. Alternatively if you click on your photo icon top right of WP (next to the notification bell) then it opens your site settings. Click on account settings and on the right hand side scroll down until you find desktop appearance and slide the toggle to the right. Hopefully that works.

    2. Also Susan mentioned that the ‘post comment button’ is missing on her blog, And put up a workaround. I’m replying to this using the Reader and I get a send button.

      1. It is something connected to the gravatar. It lets me answer one comment then promply forgets who I am when I move on to the next. Clicking to a new window and then back must be prompting a refresh/reset of sorts.
        I am deliberately using a completely unmodified WordPress-designed theme on the assumption that they will know to play nice with it, but it is true it isn’t one of the most modern ones. Perhaps when I switch over, I’ll try the latest theme, but ironically when they launched it, the theme showcase had evident errors using an up-to-date Safari, hardly a rare browser. That put me off it.

        1. They really don’t test their software changes on different devices or browsers. As I qualified as a software engineer (I know, sounds posh doesn’t it?) I was taught to test, test and test again! Obviously not the case now.

          1. It seems amazing to me that they would think that was OK. I understand that you might not want or be able to wait for everything to be ‘perfect’ to launch something new. I just don’t understand why the tolerance for inbuilt problems is so broad. But what do I know?

    3. It seems to be happy to allow a comment but not a reply. Or at least not to another person. I have tried a couple of browsers and only having two windows open then clickoing from one to the other will work.

        1. They used to have a team of seriously lovely, caring people who interacted publicly with users, but many of them have left.

  2. These are beautiful photographs. That is such a fantastic blog prompt. I am getting on ok with the blocks, thankfully. I started using them as soon as the new editor was introduced. I know that some people do struggle though. I have crossed fingers that commenting works ok ….

  3. Green is my favorite color and I greatly enjoyed the pictures! Word Press and their changes, ugh. I guess it keeps us all learning new things thus staving off the dementia, lol!

  4. Marvellous green photography 🙂

    Do you know i can still access WP admin from the menu, I seem to be the only one at the moment!

    One thing to highlight on adding wp-admin/index.php at the end is that the first part of urkl may need to be your original blog name. I have a new url for mine but when i access WP admin it has the very original one. Another great tip is to bookmark once you do have it, that way you don’t have to type it everytime

    1. Good tips. I have to use the original wordpress name.

      What is frustrating me about this latest change is I liked to switch between both the new and the old systems to get to features and views I found helpful. Now I don’t know how to get to the ‘new’ system. It is not the end of the world, because the old system has more functionality than the new. The heavy black side bar is visually distracting too.

  5. My favorite of your collection is the Scandinavian folk art. Have you visited the so-called ‘painted churches’ in Texas? One of these days I’m going to complete the set of photos I need, and post about them. The churches are open and accessible during the week, but weekends are iffy, so it’s taken me some time to get there.

    I laughed at the Pooh Bear. It took me a minute to realize what I was looking at. His disguise is good!

    1. We have visited the Gwydir Uchaf Chapel, Llanrwst, Clwyd that has a painted roof. I’ve seen another one in a city but I couldn’t tell you where. You could always do your post and slip the others in as you get them.

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