Celebrating Spring And Autumn

Pussy willows against a blue sky

Today is the Spring Equinox or the first day of astronomical Spring in the northern hemisphere and I’m as happy as a gnome with a flower.

Gnome in Spring with pussy willows

Conscious of the counterpoise in the southern hemisphere, I’m adding a picture to celebrate autumn.

Golden leaves

I’ve shared quotes from Marcus Aurelius before and another of them came to mind. I very much like the idea, but it’s one I sometimes struggle with:

O world! I am in tune with every note of thy great harmony. For me nothing is early, nothing late, if it be timely for thee.

  • Marcus Aurelius

46 Replies to “Celebrating Spring And Autumn”

  1. I’m afraid I don’t go with all this spring/autumn equinox stuff, for me spring always has and always will start on March 1st. Love the photos though and the colours of the third one are stunning πŸ™‚

  2. In 2009, I experienced all four seasons in one month. We left Austin, Texas, in mid-March, still winter; arrived in New Zealand, still summer. We were there for the equinox, so it became autumn in New Zealand, and when we arrived back in Texas it was spring.

    1. It sounds like a very well planned trip! I’d heard of four seasons in one day (a Crowded House song) but that’s not quite the same.

  3. You may not be aware, as I wasn’t till I visited New Zealand in 2015, that that country and Australia have advanced their official reckoning of the seasons’ beginnings by three weeks, to the first of the respective months. That may be what Eunice, in her comment above, was getting at, although she seems to be a Brit, like you, and not from the lands down under. Climatologically, spring in Austin (the one in Texas) normally begins in February.

  4. We are having a real, true, genuine early spring day here in Indiana, and that gnome is exactly me. Blissful! The quote is lovely, but I fear I am not good at accepting what Nature deems early or late; many times I think Nature is too early with autumn and too late with spring. The photos are wonderful captures of the seasons. Early or late, Nature certainly knows how to paint.

    1. I’m glad the weather was kind to you, but just hope it doesn’t perk the ducks up too much. I saw a solitary one, paddling round a pool full of frogspawn today (I nearly missed the spellcheck turning the last to ‘toady’ in an attempt at perception) and it was quacking constantly, so I thought of you. The duck, not the spellcheck.

      I would like to be a little more stoic than I am – that’s still a work in progress, but I can but try.

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