Gallery of Snowdrops


As I’m starting to see little clumps of snowdrops in people’s gardens on my daily walk, mainly the common single ones (Galanthus nivalis), I thought I’d share a gallery of some of the fancier ones.

Green tipped snowdrops
Clump of snowdrops with green tipped petals

My favourites, though I couldn’t say why, are any that have green markings on the tips of their outer petals.

Some people feel an affection for glum-looking snowdrops that appear to have two green eyes above a downturned mouth. Perhaps it’s a kick-back against the optimistic, first sign of spring image snowdrops generally have. They’re typically expensive, which is perhaps as well. Having a whole garden full of them is a scary thought.

Galanthus elwesii var monostictus 'Three Leaves'
Galanthus elwesii ‘Three Leaves’

If I’d have been naming Galanthus elwesii var. monostictus ‘Three Leaves’, I’d have been more interested in celebrating the very long, elegant, white petals. I have to confess I didn’t even look at the leaves.

Galanthus plicatus is also named because of the leaves, which look like they’ve been folded. The flowers of this particular cultivar are puffed out and have a crinkled texture.

Yellowish snowdrop
Yellowish snowdrop with green cap

Yellow snowdrops are often smaller, daintier plants. This one was half and half and perhaps as a consequence was vigorous.

Yellow snowdrop
Yellow snowdrop

Here’s a true yellow for comparison.

Drift of snowdrops at Ness Botanic Gardens
Drift of snowdrops at Ness Botanic Gardens

Sad-faced snowdrops aside, these sweet little bulbs never look better than when they are planted in drifts. I’ll have to do with admiring clusters this year, but the great thing about photography is I can always look back.

46 Replies to “Gallery of Snowdrops”

  1. I’ll have the crinkled ones, please! I love their texture and their shape. But what’s not to love about all of them? A very hopeful post, which I think we all need. Thank you!

  2. I didn’t know there were so many different snowdrops – I especially liked the yellow/white one which I’d never seen before. You captured some lovely images there, all I ever seem to see are a few clumps dotted in parks. My own garden is tiny so my snowdrops are bunched in a corner where they fight for space with the daffodils.

  3. Just to say hello and also that I’m glad I’ve to come to visit your blog by suggestion of WP’s feed. I love getting inspiration from nature to sketch and use colours, and your blog brings in that part of the world I enjoy. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. It’s never easy to focus on them though. My camera is always happier to latch on to my fingerprints than a white petal.

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