Life In Colour: Yellow

Yellow gnome

I’m sharing a random assortment of light-hearted yellows in the hope one of them will trigger a smile or a memory.

Stone bee garden mulch with shoe planters
Stone bee mulch and shoe planters

Fat Mama's Hot Tub
Fat Mama’s Hot Tub
Yellow Ford F100 car wheel
Yellow Ford F100
Garden arch with Chihuly art glass
Garden arch jazzed up by Chihuly
Yellow and red tomatoes
If yellow tomatoes were tastiest, more of our tomatoes would be yellow
La Boheme Cafe logo
La Boheme Cafe logo
Scarecrow lady with sunflower style hair
Scarecrow lady with sunflower hair

Shared for Life in Colour.

While pictures of yellow objects in a crisis-in-a-crisis are as much good as a paper fireguard, I’m thinking of my friends in America who are suffering an unusually harsh and prolonged cold spell. My sweetheart, like many in Jackson, Mississippi, had no running water or internet yesterday and is hunkering down with an assortment of tender plants, including a few favourites dug from the garden. He still had power when I last spoke to him. I know many others are far less fortunate.

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  1. I was wondering the other day if your sweetheart were caught in this hellish winter. I’m very sorry to hear that he has been. I have had a tough time keeping up with the snow, but I’ve also been well aware of how fortunate I am to be able to go inside and warm up, turn on the water, turn on a light. The yellows are wonderful — thank you! I’m a big fan of yellow and so I loved them all but lingered over that yellow bathtub. My very favorite is the sunflower scarecrow, though, because it has a Raggedy Ann and Andy face, and they are among my top favorites ever!

    1. Thanks for your kind thoughts. I don’t like to think of you shovelling snow, although I suppose it has to be done. Bathtubs are for lingering. The bathtub place specialises in a southern comfort food I have not acquired a taste for: tamales. I don’t know if you have them in your parts of the US.

      1. I’m with you on the tamales. I’m more of a grits -and-vinegar-pie type. My idea of “south” was shaped by my North Carolina ancestors.

  2. Wow, you have found some lovely bright yellows here Susan. I dislike gnomes usually, but your yellow chappy is quite winsome. And the Chihuly glass!
    Sorry to hear about your beau. It is crazy weather. And next week soaring temperatures apparently – not that it helps them right now. Without heat and water life must be horrendous. 2021 is so far not being any better than its predecessor.

    1. When I first saw him, it was December and I thought he was a yellow Father Christmas. I’ll pass on your sympathy. The city has no gritters (or grit) so the roads are treacherous too.

  3. A fun collection, Susan, and all that yellow made me smile and think of brighter days ahead! Although we are outside the US area of weather destruction we’ve been stuck in a pattern of grey, wet days and the color was quite welcome. I feel for you SH and all those suffering, with unfortunately no end in sight.

  4. Love the bumblebee stones!
    The South is getting hit hard and they are unprepared to deal with it, not like up North. Hope your sweetheart’s garden and home return to normal soon.

    1. The bees are the symbol of one of our NW cities, Manchester.
      He says it will be a good test of the hardiness of some of his plants but it will hardly be surprising if some of them struggle when temperatures swing so much, so rapidly.

  5. Fantastic! Sure did make me smile. Hope things have improved for your sweetheart. While we in the north are prepared for snow, we are never prepared for ice storms, which hit many parts of the country. Hope your sweetheart gets water soon never loses his water.

    1. Thanks for your good wishes. He says the main city pumps have frozen so it looks like they’ll have to hang out a little longer. He does have some though.

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