25 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday: Peach Roses”

  1. There’s always an unreality in such beauty, but especially here and now, in the cold and drab of winter. Thank you! What are the frilly white flowers tumbling down? They look like giant lilies of the valley.

    1. They look like slightly open roses to me, but their buds give it away. They’re Eustoma (you might know them by their previous name, Lisanthus).

      1. Lisanthus! Something I actually have heard of — and now they aren’t called that any more? I will try to remember Eustoma. Thank you for the name — they are so lovely!

        1. It wouldn’t go down well in any other field. Take a magic trick, for example: ‘Pick a card, any card.’ Audience member chooses Lisianthus, remembers it and slips it back in. Magician shuffles the pack, then brandishes the Eustoma card and expects applause.

    1. It was so much more splendid than I can show here. The whole area was filled with flowers, but there was so much going on (and so many people around) this was the best I could muster.

    1. Brides must sometimes be shocked when they first lift one of the really big trailing designs. They’re a lot heavier than they look!

  2. Peach has always been my favourite colour. Those roses are so beautiful! The other flowers and the various colours are complimenting those roses even better!

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