Darwen Moor In The Snow

People walking to Darwen Jubilee Tower in the snow

Regular readers have been hearing rather a lot about Darwen’s Jubilee Tower, but I couldn’t resist adding some pictures of the moor after snowfall. 

Darwen Tower in the snow

Snow gave away which way the wind had been blowing by clinging to the stonework. Gentle flakes were topping up the layer underfoot, creating good walking conditions. Although it looks chilly, the air was still and I was warm enough to take my gloves and scarf off on the way up.

Snow covered trees on Darwen moor in the snow

A clump of youngish silver birch trees were ethereal with a coating of snow. The moor does not have many trees but several have recently been planted.

Farmhouse half hidden on snowy moorland

I’m including a ‘better’ view of the farmhouse you can glimpse in a hollow in the last, although you can’t see much more of it.

View of Darwen from the moor in the snow

It all looks very remote, but the centre of Darwen is about a mile away in the valley below.

Some of you may have observed that these pictures are very blue. That’s due to my faulty technique. I struggled to expose the snow as white on my iPhone without bleaching out the details. Converted to black and white, they are black and grey, almost like pencil sketches as you see here:

Walkers near Darwen Tower in the snow

It seems I need more practice, but I decided to share them anyway, trusting to your kind hearts.

Our snow was rained away overnight, but I’m excited to hear from my sweetheart that he has awoken to a snowfall. Mississippi is so pretty when it snows.

50 Replies to “Darwen Moor In The Snow”

  1. Mine always turn out blue but it takes too long to fiddle about with exposures, and anyway, blue is nice and lends itself to snow scenes. I think your snow scenes are really lovely.

  2. Oh yes. Your hills give an added dimension we didn’t have here. Lovely. I’m rather glad the rain has washed it all away now, because yesterday’s conditions, neither one thing nor the other, were pretty ‘orrible.

    1. They just had a sprinkling this year. The great thing about over there is they seem to have so much more colour around to bring it all to life – those pastels look especially good.

  3. Beautiful snowy landscapes. A Blue tint is common for daylight settings where you have cloudy conditions. It’s not the exposure you need to adjust, it’s the white balance. You can adjust your white balance when you edit the photo to get more white. Usually adding more yellow and magenta. One of the first setting when you edit a photo on your iPhone is auto-adjust. Select auto-adjust, and then adjust your white balance if needed.

    1. It was very cloudy and snowing gently all the time. I did try the auto-adjust but it made them even bluer! I will try the white balance next time. More snow is due later in the week but it is miserably and drizzly for now.

  4. I love both the blue and the pencil looks. But then you know I love graphite. Every one of these speaks of quiet and peace, and there’s nothing needed more right now. They are beautiful images!

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