Lights in the Darkness

Tree lights
1. Tree lights

Late yesterday afternoon most (all?) Britons were asked to live under stricter restrictions to help control a more infectious strain of the virus that has become prevalent in parts of the country.

Not good news at any time, and especially hard to take at Christmas and New Year.

Outdoor Christmas lights
2. Outdoor lights

As if by design, an hour or so later, together with a sizeable proportion of the country, I spent a couple of hours immersed in the fierce joy and razzmatazz that is the Strictly Come Dancing final.

Lights reading: You're my fave
3. You’re my fave

Our island nation pushed out the boat with a heaping of good cheer, glittery costumes, bright lights and dubious special effects. (I can sway with the elephant, but I was underwhelmed by lights shooting out of arms in the opener, though it’s as close as we’ll get to a Doctor Who special until 2021.)

City lights
4. City lights

Under the glitter, Strictly is all smiles and tears. By the end, as the British are inclined, we had all got so maudlin that Claudia, our steely-eyed heart of gold, struggled to deliver her closing words of gratitude through tears.

5. Lightopia

When the titles had rolled and the music faded, I turned off the TV and the house felt very quiet. To fight off that flat feeling, I started digging in my photo files for brightly coloured lights. Don’t ask me why I thought that might help. I suppose stranger things emerge in a crisis.

Festive lights
6. Ground lights

So here you are: six pictures that celebrate light in the darkness taken in either Manchester, North West England or Jackson, Mississippi in more normal times.

If you fancy guessing which was taken where, please do, or you can vote for your favourite(s) in the comments below. Anything to keep the party going!

I’m linking to Sunday Stills: Lights following a kind comment from Terri.

39 Replies to “Lights in the Darkness”

  1. Hope you and your loved ones stay safe over the Christmas season, Susan. You may be living through sombre times and restrictions, but that doesn’t mean no joy for the holiday season.

    The world will be a different place after 2020 and the sooner we all adjust, the sooner we can come to terms with new more restrictive lifestyles.

    Having been mainly housebound for much of the last 20 months, I can assure you, that learning to satisfied with simple home-based pleasures or walks in the fields and woodlands (or nearby parks if you’re urban-based) can bring so much pleasure in these difficult times. Even now, a week out of hospital after my hip surgery, I’m enjoying some absorbing netflix serials and Christmas movies on TV.

    Hope you have a lovely Christmas Day and that 2021 will be much improved after the coming months of lockdown in the U.K. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Vicki. I agree – I’m finding joy in some remarkably little pleasures. 🙂

      I hope 2021 will be kind to you too and especially that your surgery gives you relief from the pain you’ve been suffering. Happy Christmas!

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