Footprints in the Snow

Bird prints in the snow

We had a scattering of snow on Friday, so around lunchtime I wrapped up and went out to see if there was any fun to be had.

One of the pleasures of a fresh covering of snow is the chance to lay down a trail of footprints, and to follow other people’s. (Unless that’s just me being childish!) Finding this bird print pattern in a quiet part of town was a small treat. Two or perhaps three visitors had left their traces on the pavement before me.

I wonder what the next by-passer must have thought to see this scene with my jumbled footprints layered on from stopping to take a picture, then skirting around it as I went on. I never thought to look back.

Shared for the One Word Sunday Challenge: Seasonal.

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  1. Well, we don’t live so very far apart, but here’s one picture I simply couldn’t have taken this season. Not one flake here. Make the most of it!

  2. It takes a blog, perhaps, to bring together people who are charmed by prints in the snow, particularly little lines like these. They look like a flock of very well choreographed birds in a tidy line. It also helps to have the keen-eyed photographer who is willing to look for fun in a snow scatter.

  3. It’s fun to go out to play nature-detective with tiny footprints in the snow – and a very pleasing pattern too! 🙂

  4. I was hoping to spot where the badgers get into my garden but for some reason there was no snow along the boundary. It is fun after a deep fall of snow spotting how many animals have visited your garden.

  5. I find bird prints so charming (and take photos of them, too). It isn’t until after a snow that I see how many critters share my world. Humbling and inspiring!

  6. You must have had more snow up there than we did down here, it was mainly sleet for a couple of hours and by late lunchtime had turned to rain. I love seeing animal footprints in the snow and i also like making my own where no-one else has been 🙂

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