Footprints in the Snow

Bird prints in the snow

We had a scattering of snow on Friday, so around lunchtime I wrapped up and went out to see if there was any fun to be had.

One of the pleasures of a fresh covering of snow is the chance to lay down a trail of footprints, and to follow other people’s. (Unless that’s just me being childish!) Finding this bird print pattern in a quiet part of town was a small treat. Two or perhaps three visitors had left their traces on the pavement before me.

I wonder what the next by-passer must have thought to see this scene with my jumbled footprints layered on from stopping to take a picture, then skirting around it as I went on. I never thought to look back.

Shared for the One Word Sunday Challenge: Seasonal.

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  1. I absolutely love tracking in the snow! Figuring out what sort of animal left the prints and following them. One of my favorite times was following some bird tracks that led me to the spot where they flapped their wings and took flight. The beautiful imprint left by the feathers 🪶 was glorious and the tracks simply stopped there.

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