Darwen Town and Market Hall with Christmas Tree, Lockdown 2020

Darwen Christmas tree during lockdown, November 2020

I took this picture of Darwen’s Christmas decorations yesterday, less than an hour after sunset. The town hall clock stopped some time ago, so if you can make out the dial, that’s a misdirection: sunset is just before 4 o’clock here in Northern England by the end of November.

Light rain almost deterred me from going for a walk, but added interest by reflecting the lights. I also took a landscape shot that shows more of the area.

Darwen market with Christmas tree after rain

Despite the bright lights and Christmas cheer, the scene is a little forlorn. Normally, this part of Darwen would be lively with people shopping, making their way home, or nipping out for a drink with friends. Although my iPhone has no doubt exaggerated the darkness, and the drizzle will have kept some people inside, it was eerie to see the town so dark and quiet so early in the day.

Shared for Lens-Artists challenge: You Pick It! which asks us to share something near and dear.

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  1. Yes, it was only the other day that I really clocked how early it gets dark. That’s because, out walking, I was able to watch the whole of a rather nice sunset – properly over by 4.00. Despite everything, Darwen is giving a good account of itself, if your photos are anything o go by.

  2. I see what you mean about forlorn Susan – such a beautiful place should not be empty of happy visitors. Hoping to see people enjoying the season again soon, although here in the states it may have to be 2021.

    1. I hope so too. It was a surprise and almost a relief to see the tree, even without the people, as it appeared in the middle of a strict lockdown.

  3. Yes, pur towns and cities won’t be themselves this Christmas at all. I must remember not to complain about the crowds when Christmas shopping next year (assuming there WILL be crowds by then!)

  4. Pretty reflections! It will be a very different holiday season this year, that’s for sure. Like going back in time to when Christmas was less commercial and there were less people around. I guess it could be viewed as an opportunity to dig deep and find ‘the reason for the season.’

  5. Beautiful even if it did seem lonely. It gets dark even earlier for you than it does for us. It Maine, the dark comes at 4:30 this time of year. I was thinking that in stories, the dark always portends something bad. Wouldn’t it be interesting to have the dark portend something good?

    1. It would. We don’t like not knowing, and darkness accentuates that. I suppose it might be happy time for owls that don’t have to wait so long for their dinner?

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