Darwen Town and Market Hall with Christmas Tree, Lockdown 2020

Darwen Christmas tree during lockdown, November 2020

I took this picture of Darwen’s Christmas decorations yesterday, less than an hour after sunset. The town hall clock stopped some time ago, so if you can make out the dial, that’s a misdirection: sunset is just before 4 o’clock here in Northern England by the end of November.

Light rain almost deterred me from going for a walk, but added interest by reflecting the lights. I also took a landscape shot that shows more of the area.

Darwen market with Christmas tree after rain

Despite the bright lights and Christmas cheer, the scene is a little forlorn. Normally, this part of Darwen would be lively with people shopping, making their way home, or nipping out for a drink with friends. Although my iPhone has no doubt exaggerated the darkness, and the drizzle will have kept some people inside, it was eerie to see the town so dark and quiet so early in the day.

Shared for Lens-Artists challenge: You Pick It! which asks us to share something near and dear.

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  1. Double the lights! I always love reflections like these because they bring a memory of Christmas shopping with my mother, oh, so long ago. For some reason, that image of the reflected lights impressed itself on my memory. But of course there were cars and people, too. Conspicuous by absence now. I think these photos are a great capture of this time.

    1. I’m glad to have brought back memories. There is something classic about it like this, but I am hoping I’ll be able to look back in future and be happy the area has more bustle.

  2. I thought our sunset was early! Wow. Before 4:00! The earliest for us is 4:11 in a few weeks. Still, your capture of the lights and colorful tree are cheerful and hopeful. I’m glad you joined us!

    1. The sun won’t set much earlier now. Our earliest is 15.48 (3.48) for a few days next week. It’s funny how sunset times work – not quite how I had expected.

  3. Calm and beautiful – but as you say, empty. And dark. Sunset here 15.38. And no snow to lighten it up. Love your photos of the town, the lights glowing. In fact I had to buy a 75 meter light chain to brighten my life this winter.

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